News 2018

26.7 The Evermind's Saleen "Helmi" gave birth 6 puppies at kennel Bullybash.

8.7 Pärnu Estonia Int Show. Judge Antonio Rojo Fajardo, Spain.
The Evermind's Boss Power 2nd best male, CACIB.

7.7 Pärnu Estonia Int Show. Judge Alpay Özkan, Turkey.
The Evermind's Boss Power BOB, CACIB & GROUP4 !!!

6.7 Pärnu, Estonia. Speciality Show for bull type terriers. Judge Thomas Hehir, Ireland.
The Evermind's Boss Power BOB & BIS3, EE CH !!!

9-10.6 Trophy & Open Show, Judge Sherril Goodwin, UK
The Evermind's Boss Power RUNNER UP 2018 & 3rd best male.

26.5 Rauma Show, Judge Amodei Lloyd, USA
The Evermind's Boss Power BOB, CAC & FI CH

24.3 Geham Trophy Show. Judge Lorraine Sheppard UK.
The Everminds Boss Power 2nd best male.

News 2017

2.9 International dog show, Helsinki. Judge Kaisa Metteri-Gold
The Evermind's Boss Power, BOB & CAC

26.8 Terrier speciality show. Judge, Anthony Mccann UK.
The Evermind's Boss Power 4th best male with rec. CAC

10-11.6 Finnish official speciality Bullterrier Show. Judge Dominic Clark UK, Kennel Granopera.

The Evermind's Boss Power "Tero" 2nd best male with rec. CAC
The Evermind's Eleanor " Elsa" 1st in int class with CQ
The Evermind's Saleen "Helmi" 1nd in int class with CQ
Danelaw Dance With The Devil "Loulou" 2nd in open class with CQ
Ihopeithinkiknow "Phoebe" Exc. with CQ.
Saturday, Loulou and Peppi 2nd in juniorhandler competition (Judge, Elaine Clark, UK)
Sunday, Phoebe and Peppi 1st in junior handler competition (Judge, Elaine Clark, UK)

Tero, 1 year 7 month old

Elsa, 1 year 7 month old

14.5 Group Show, Salo. Judge Gerald Cox, IRL
The Everminds's Boss Power 3th best male with CQ

Rest in peace my love ..... Mad About Ticket To Ride "Costo"......Miss you forever ...

25.3 Geham Trophy Show 63 bullterriers & minibullterriers entries.
Judge Brian Smalley, Kennel Briden UK.

The Evermind's Boss Bower " Tero" BOB, BIS 2 (invitation to best head competition).

The Evermind's Eleanor "Elsa" JUN. 1st & HP (invitation to best head competition)

The Evermind's Saleen "Helmi" JUN. 3rd

Breeder class 2nd The Evermind's

Ihopeithinkiknow "Phoebe" with Hugo 2nd in juniorhandler competition.

Danelaw Dance With The Devil "Loulou" with Peppi 1st in juniorhandler competition.

The Evermind's Boss Power " Tero"

The Evermind's Eleanor "Elsa"

The Evermind's Saleen

Loulou & Peppi

News 2016

11.12 Helsinki Winner, The Evermind's Boss Power "Tero" Junior Winner & 2nd best male & CAC. Judge Paula Sunebring, Sweden.

Leiden, Holland 12-13.11
Me, Anni, Annika, Teija, Linda F, Janne, Linda A., Saara and 2 bullies Armi & Hemi went to Holland have some fun and take some experience. First time in finnish bullterrier history we had team to participate Leiden's country competition with just two bullterriers. There was 16 countrys and we get 19 points, which is lot. We won Slovakia, Norway, Czech Republik and get even with Sweden and Denmark. Not bad with just two dogs :)


Gentlemen's Legacy A-Game

Swedish Open Show 6.8 Judge, Bill Lambert UK.
The Evermind's Boss Power JUN1, HP

Kokkola Dog show 9.7, Judge Laura Cox, Ireland.
The Evermind's Eleanor "Elsa" BOB PUPPY

Finnish Trophy & Open Show 11-12.6, Judge Steve Paterson UK, Kennel Golitha.

The Evermind's Eleanor "Elsa" BOB & BIS puppy
The Evermind's Boss Power "Tero" BOS puppy
The Evermind's Saleen "Helmi" 2nd in her class
The Evermind's Fastback "Sulo" 2nd on her class
Ihopeithinkiknow "Phoebe" 1st in her class with HP, also with Fanny 5th best juniorhandler and with Hugo Best juniorhandler.
The Evermind's 2nd best breeder
Ihopeithinkiknow with her babies 2nd in progeny class.

Elsa & Handler Janne

Phoebe & Hugo


15.5 Mynämäki dog show. Phoebe BOB & CAC, Judge Boris Spoljaric, Croatia and also Junior Handler BIS 2 with Hugo Rinkinen.

27.4 Mad About Ticket To Ride " Costo" 7 years old !!HBD my big boy

16.4 Geham Trophy open show. Judge Michael Thompson, kennel Sagacious Sve/Uk

The Evermind's Saleen Helmi BOB PUPPY

The Evermind's Boss Power "Tero" BOS PUPPY

The Evermind's Fastback "Sulo 2nd in his class

The Evermind's Eleanor "Elsa" 2nd in her class

Danelaw Dance With The Devil "Loulou" 4th in her class

Loulou & Peppi best junior handler <3

Phoebe & Fanny 4th best junior handler <3

Ihopeithinkiknow "Phoebe" 4th in her class with HP

Mad About Ticket To Ride "Costo" was there just for fun, no placement


News 2015

31.12 Mustang litter and bitches site updated

3.11 7 puppies where born 5 boys & 2 girls. More on puppies site

28.10 Puppies site updated

6.9 Let's Go Show
Judge Mr. Scott Jr Ron, UK
Loulou, Exc, HP, 2nd in her class

24.7 Puppies site updated

6-7.6 Finnish Trophy & Open Show Lautsian lomakeskus
Judge Andrea Gates Newberry, Kennel Ukusa. UK

Phoebe 3rd in her class with HP and invitation to best head and movements competition.

Costo 3rd in his class and invitation to best movements competition. Loulou no placement.

16.5.2015 Rauma dog show " Phoebe " BOB, CC, Judge Margineanu Calin, Romania


HappyBirthday Costo 27.4 6 years

25.4 Geham Trophy Show

Judge Ger Cox, Ireland

Loulou (Danelaw Dance With The Devil) second in her class

Costo (Mad About Ticket To Ride) second in his class

Phoebe (Ihopeithinkiknow) and Fanny best junior handler